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Health - Bliss - Yoga

Pura Pora - Rio Perlas

Hotel Spa 

February 10-19, 2020


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Yoga Retreat, Health, Healing Waters from Fountain of Youth, Excursions and Serenity in Dreamy Resort

Orit experienced the healing waters of the Eternal Fountain of Youth of Pura Pora

In collaboration with Anat, we would like to invite you for the first
time to join us for a unique experience 

Yoga, healthy gourmet food, rest, excursion, and wonderful people

- Winning combination of serenity, peace, breathing, and love where yoga, nature and nutritional awareness intersect

- Detach from routine, be fully “here and now” with less self judgment and criticism

- Perfect weather conditions in an enchanting environment

Orit Sharon

Orit is a health coach, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She leads people towards a healthy lifestyle through organic nutrition and practical eating habits. Her practice leads to a fulfilled healthy life devoid of pain. Orit teaches and shares multiple RAW & Vegan recipes which she uses herself day-to-day, from juice fasts to detoxes to meditation

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Anat Gold-Goldie

Student and an experienced Yoga teacher in the flowing style of Tri Yoga created by Kaliji, Anat is one of the originators of Tri Yoga in Israel working to bring the best yoga teachers to her homeland, creating seminars and classes in order to expand and spread the method. Hundreds of her students can vouch for her professionalism alongside her tenderness and peacefulness that she brings to her practice. She is also certified to teach yoga to children and pre/post-pregnancy women. Additionally, Anat treats with Watsu and Waterdance methods. She believes in the incredible interconnection between water, dance, and sound  anat web site


Eternal Fountain of Youth - Pura Pora

ocated 7 miles way from the hotel, the Eternal Fountain of Youth of Pura Pora. The place has been known to humanity for 10,000 years, the Indians used its water that was known in the ancient world as both healing and calming. In the 15th century the Spaniards tried to conquer the place from the Indians (You can find information in the National Museum of Costa Rica). After the battle, the Spaniards conquered the place in 1866 and established a healing center that was known for its healing abilities all over the world. The water treats various skin diseases like psoriasis, optomic dermatitis, and more. The water consists of various minerals that help treat ailments. People that suffer from anemia feel great

improvement with their iron deficiency after the water treatment. The treatment is both external and internal that enables physical and emotional balance. Whoever drinks from this water quickly feels significant improvements

.The natural pools contain hot mineral water that can reach 95 degrees fahrenheit 

:This Unique and Fun Experience Includes 

- Accommodation in the beautiful Rio Perals resort

- nights a day with three meals

- Fresh farm-to-table meals

- Daily yoga and meditation classes

- Tree yoga practice according to the rhythm of the group

- Watsu practice IN enchanting swimming pools

- 3 organized daily excursions

- Volcano - Sweat Lodge - Rainforest - Coffee Farms - More

- 3 trips to Pura Pora - Eternal Fountain of Youth

- Bathing in the pools and drinking the healing waters

- Pampering and surprises

- Shuttle from the airport and back

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